Weight Loss & Workout Performance: Customer Doxiderol Review

I bought Doxiderol because someone on the bodybuilding message board I frequent everyday was talking about and reviewing it and how he uses it as a pre-workout supplement to increase focus in the gym. He was saying that he got really good tunnel vision in the gym and was able to hit the weights and cardio without that boredom that sets in for most of us. If any of you have ever been focused on gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time you will understand the frustration and boredom that starts to set in a couple of weeks after starting a new routine.

Shipping was quick and I have no problems to report with the whole online purchase and ordering and shipping process. It actually arrived much quicker than I expected because I had placed my order late at night and the shipping estimator was calling for an extra day on top of that, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Attention and concentration in the gym was noticeably improved and you can really tell the difference after taking it for a couple days and then missing one. I think I will be driving home to pop my pill if I do that again as the intensity, focus, speed and effort put in pays huge dividends when taking this supplement. Weight Loss with Doxiderol also seemed to improve outside of just increased intensity and dedication, it has a hunger suppressing effect I believe and looking at the ingredient list I think that is due to DMAA which is a popular pre workout supplement in the bodybuilding industry.

I don’t really have any input like other reviews of Doxiderol for its use for school work and work performance in general as I am a small business owner and have never needed any increased attention or concentration to get my job to the best of my ability, but I can understand how the effects would translate over into the workforce and student areas where this product is mostly marketed too.

Couple thumbs up from this guy and just hoping I don’t adjust otc it quickly. I will probably cycle it with a similar supplement just to prolong its effects and then take 8-10 weeks off at a time to let my body down regulate.

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