Doxiderol Reviewed as Natural Alternative to Vyvanse / Adderall XR

I am a full blown ADD (not really hyperactive) and have been on medications for the last 5 years which at first did make a big difference and really helped me turn my life around. I have tried them all but now I am Vyvanse, a prodrug similar to Adderall XR except it requires an enzyme in your body to take effect and therefore is less prone to abuse and last longer (I was very dependent upon my Adderall and addicted and would double my dosage sometimes for performance)

Realizing my addiction, dependence and desire to get off such strong narcotics, I began looking for an over the counter and natural Vyvanse alternative. I was scared crapless to say the least as the withdrawals from the prescriptions can be very brutal and my previous attempts to change or replace Vyvanse naturally resulted in bad things.

I had tried many of the recommend herbs and natural homeopathic Vyvance substitutes in the past but really found nothing that helped until I cam across doxiderol online and decided to give it a shot as a combination of herbs and with a stimulant effect.

Doxiderol didn’t necessarily help me more than my willpower and desire to make a change this time, but it allowed me to function at a semi-normal level while I got used to not being high on the medication for my performance and focus. It is definitely a great product and strong for a more natural OTC supplement when you think of it from that extreme.

It’s been a couple weeks now and I thought I would leave a quick praise and review of Doxiderol because I think it could help other people looking for a more natural replacement to Vyvanse and Adderall XR which are probably the most popular and worst for you ADHD meds. It’s still going to be hard to get off of those drugs but at least this levels you out a bit and you can function on daily tasks and routines without getting too overwhelmed. Perhaps I am an extreme example but hopefully this review helps anyone out there that was struggling as much as me to get off those meds.

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