“Mood Booster Too” Consumer’s Doxiderol Review & Experience

I didn’t know 100% what to expect but Doxiderol did at least live up to my expectations. I was weary as another review pointed out not too expect too much and realize this was a natural over the counter supplement, so my expectations weren’t huge to start with I suppose. The mixture of ingredients in this product are great and I actually gave some to my mother whom is showing early symptoms of Alzheimer’s to perhaps slow down the onset of that.

As far as attention and focus are concerned this product seemed to really benefit me with the effects being noticed for about 4 hours but definitely strongest in the first 3 and then tapering off. I guess that is my biggest complaint for this Doxiderol review is that I wish it could last longer, perhaps that is just because of the short half-life of caffeine and the other ingredients and that particular problem would be present in every supplement though.

I really liked how this made me feel outside of its intended effects. My mood was greatly enhanced to the point where my wife and coworkers could tell something was different when I was on it. I was more talkative, bubbly, socialable and generally desirable to be around. I was never particularly negative but I found myself having a really ‘positive’ spin and outlook on things and trying to spread that enthusiasm with everyone for even silly tasks and reasons. I wouldn’t quite call it euphoric, and I didn’t really notice it until people pointed it out, but it’s an awesome side effect and I’m curious what particular ingredient might be causing that.

I am going to order another bottle right now (found the coupon thanks!) and I will post up a follow up testimonial to better judge any tolerance effects or changes that may be present after more long term usage. I am really happy for now though and if you have been thinking about testing out the waters I’d say give it a go and hopefully your experience is as positive as mine.

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