PhenTabz Review – Does it Work and Where to Buy

buy phentabz
PhenTabz, manufactured by Gentech Pharmaceutical, are weight loss pills that help users lose weight by suppressing their appetite and increasing metabolic rate.
PhenTabz provides the user with energy levels required to make it through the day which in turn reduces the hunger levels. As a result, the user is able to make the right choices in regard to the quantity and type of food to consume.
The drug increases metabolism which means that the user will easily burn the excess fat facilitating safe and consistent weight loss.
PhenTabz was only available by prescription from a doctor or physician, but now it is available to anyone who would want to lose some few pounds without a prescription. Now users have an opportunity to lose their weight without the need of going through a strenuous diet or risky exercises. Read on to find out things such as side effects, user testamonials, and where to purchase it either online or in stores.

How Does it Work?

PhenTabz has essential functions when it comes to reducing weight. These functions include:
a) It increases the body mobility of fat in overweight users, while increasing metabolic rate.
b) It reduces the user’s appetite meaning the patient has more control and is motivated to lose weight.
c) It increases insulin sensitivity, which improves fat loss and lowers cholesterol. With increased insulin sensitivity, PhenTabz assists in the treatment and prevention of diabetes.
d) It helps in preventing protein breakdown while increasing body fat usage. Usually when one is having a reduced calorie diet, the individual in many occasions will experience some protein breakdown. PhenTabz essentially protects your body organs and muscles when you are under a reduced calorie diet.

Side Effects

PhenTabz offer numerous benefits to all its users, these benefits include:
i) Increased mood – the users will essentially boost their moods
ii) Increased weight loss – the users will lose their excess body fat safely and fast
iii) Increased body fat release – this means that the users will have more energy throughout the day
iv) Increased energy levels sustained over long periods – users will feel and be more energetic, while at the same time, they will be losing weight.
v) Increased deeper respiration – the users will experience better respiration which often results from the excess body fat loss. The users will have improved respiration system and overall improved health as they will be able to inhale and exhale with much ease.
vi) Decreased appetite –users experience a reduction in their appetite which is a positive this in enhancing control and boosting your morale when it comes to losing weight.
vii) Lowered risk of diabetes
viii) Lowered risk of cardiovascular disease
ix) Increased metabolic rate

This weight-loss pill has minimal negative side effects, and the only major one is dehydration. Users need to regularly drink fresh and clean water to keep their body hydrated. The dehydration occurs due to the increased metabolic rate.


PhenTabz has been designed with the user in mind. Every ingredient has undergone through thorough research and study to determine its health impacts on humans.
It is composed of mainly three ingredients:
a) Octopamine: this ingredient provides users higher energy levels with an increased metabolism of fat and also increases insulin sensitivity.
b) Methylhexaneamine: this ingredient aids in weight loss and increasing energy.
c) 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine: this ingredient is a caffeine stimulant which increases body metabolism, reducing physical fatigue and restore alertness.

It is important to learn more about Ampheta-HCL as it will give you a great idea of how PhenTabz works. The ingredients used are FDA – approved and clinically proven. It is not an herbal supplement, but a non-prescription pharmaceutical designed to reduce side effects and maximize weight loss.

phentabz teen

PhenTabz Teen

Recent research has indicated that over half of all youth aged 9-21 years in developed continents are obese or overweight. This is pretty much the same situation in your neighborhood whereby 5 out every 10 teenagers are probably overweight or obese.
Gentech Pharmaceutical has designed PhenTabz Teen to facilitate fast and safe weight loss.
Teens have numerous challenges which usually originate from their very own body makeup. At this stage, their body experience rapid growth and development which demands higher intake of food nutrients. As a result, teens will usually consume foods that are readily available, usually with high sugar and fat content which results into weight gain.
Without the proper tools, losing weight is next to impossible for these youngsters. Unfortunately, most of them are addicted to food, and would often binge eat especially when they are under a lot of pressure or stress.
PhenTabz Teen is a designer non-prescription pharmaceutical that provides appetite suppression and weight loss without any negative side effects. PhenTabz is taken daily one in the morning, before breakfast and another before taking lunch.
For over 5 years this drug was used exclusively as a prescription weight-loss pharmaceutical by physicians and obese or overweight patients, delivering impressive results in boosting metabolism and reducing weight. This drug has been credited for offering consistently strong weight loss results and a dramatic increase in motivation.

How does PhenTabz Teen work?
The PhenTabz ingredients have two essential functions which include reducing appetite which ensures that teens have control and boost their motivation and increasing cyclic AMP levels (metabolic rate) as well as the body’s mobility of fat.

Average weight loss
PhenTabz Teen: 2-3lbs/week
Dieting Alone: 1-2lbs/week

Metabolism Boost
PhenTabz Teen: Strong
Dieting Alone: NO

Motivation Boosting
PhenTabz Teen: YES
Dieting Alone: NO

Energy Boost
PhenTabz Teen: Strong
Dieting Alone: Medium

Fat Mobilization
PhenTabz Teen: YES
Dieting Alone: YES

Most importantly, teens need to lose weight consistently and safely. Sometimes this cannot be achieved by dieting alone. Eating healthier and small portions does not cut it for teens who have large appetites especially for foods with high fat and sugar content.
PhenTabz Teen offer a solution to this problem, teens are able to achieve advanced and safe weight loss with the 2-pills-a-day-therapy. It provides more control over their appetite and help them in staying focused in their goal to lose weight.
Naturally, teens are very active. They are involved in physical activities that require stamina and energy. With PhenTabz Teen, they will get more out of these physical exercises, as they will be able to build more muscle, increase metabolic rate and burn more fat.
PhenTabz Teen is designed for a teen that is serious about losing body fat while achieving incredible amount of energy needed daily.

PhenTabz vs. Phentermine

Many people who are seeking to lose weight often use Phentermine, a weight-loss pill similar to PhenTabz. Here are the facts about PhenTabz vs. Phentermine:

Average Weight Loss
PhenTabz – 2.5lbs/week
Phentermine – 2-3lbs/week

Appetite Suppression
PhenTabz – Strong
Phentermine – Strong

Metabolism Boost
PhenTabz – Strong
Phentermine – Strong

Energy Boost
PhenTabz – Strong
Phentermine Medium

Prescription Strength
PhenTabz – YES
Phentermine – YES

Safe Long-Term Use
PhenTabz – YES
Phentermine – NO

Fat Mobilization
PhenTabz – YES
Phentermine – YES

Phentermine has one major negative effect; the user’s body will become tolerant to the ingredients after using the pill for some time. This simply means that the user’s body will continue to grow fat after returning to the normal diet routine. Majority of weight loss products similar to Phentermine become less and less effective after using them over time, but not with PhenTabz.
PhenTabz guarantees consistent results will every pill intake, helping the user lose weight safe and fast.

PhenTabz vs. Phentramin-D

These are both phentermine alternatives. Phentramin- D is another weight loss pill that has been hyped about its miraculous effects. Well, don’t always trust what you read because they don’t always tell you the truth about this meager product.
Based on similar ingredients as its Phentermine counterpart, the pills are weak and fail to deliver the desired results. This pharmaceutical has been associated with serious side effects such as difficulty in urinating, mild to severe headaches and nausea.
PhenTabz gives the desired results. No matter your total weight size or height, it is suitable for any user who wants to lose a few pounds without breaking a sweat. PhenTabz has been tested and proven, being the only weight-loss pill that is recommended by doctors.

Top Rated Reviews

Here are some reviews from customers that have purchased and tried PhenTabz for themselves.
“PhenTabz is just a phenomenal Product. I was skeptical at first but I took the chance after reading a couple of reviews, I am 5’ 0” and although 165lbs may not seem a lot to some, what you don’t realize is that my stature greatly impacts how I carry my weight. I started off will one pill daily and two years later I have lost over 50 lbs. I often use them for the energy boost and maintaining my weight.” – Tiffany
“Hi, PhenTabz is such a life saver. With only 3 weeks of use, I have lost 6 lbs. It gives me great energy boost and I have seen great improvements in my regular exercises. Now I can run for a longer period without feeling overly exhausted. PhenTabz is pretty amazing.” – Kristian
“My journey with PhenTabz started three months ago after my doctor prescribed this weight loss pill. His patients reported great improvements over a short period of time and true to that, I have lost about 23 lbs since I started. If you have doubts about it, just seek medical advice from your medical doctor, thanks.” – Ricky
“PhenTabz is the best diet therapy. I have only been for 6 weeks now and the results just beautiful. I am eating less and less each day, which gives me control over what I eat unlike before. I have lost 11.5 lbs which is a great progress since I don’t exercise a lot. Thanks” – Brandi Maldonado

Where to Purchase Online

PhenTabz is currently being sold only by the manufacturer, which means that you are getting the readily made and fresh bottle of capsule from Gen-tech Pharmaceutical. As its popularity grows, you will soon find it in Amazon and other third party online stores.

Where to Buy in Stores

PhenTabz is not yet available in the local stores such as Walmart or GNC. If you are looking for where to buy it, the sole supplier is the manufacturer and the product can be purchased online on the official website.

PhenTabz Price

Gentech pharmaceutical sells the weight-loss pill for only $69 with free shipping. They also offer 2-4 months’ supply at discounted rates that will suite your budget.


With numerous weight-loss products on the market, it is easy to go for the product that is lowly priced. It is essential as a consumer to go for the best product that guarantees the desired results with minimal side effects. So don’t waste your precious money on weight-loss products that won’t deliver, only PhenTabz offer the solution to weight loss.

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