AddTabz Review: Do They Work, Buy in Stores

AddTabz Review

About AddTabz

AddTabz is a legal over the counter supplement that is considered one of the best alternatives of Adderall. It was developed by Gentech Laboratories and pharmaceuticals. This supplement main aim was to help in relieving stress and focus in day to day issues. AddTabz works the same as amphetamine drugs but has fewer side effects of the chemicals.
This supplement is suitable for everyone especially students with long hours of study and people in jobs that need long working hours. This is because it is a brain enhancement drug. People who want to start using this supplement are however advised to seek doctor’s attention to make sure that they do not have other health issues that could make them not work effectively.

Does it Work?

This supplement really works and it is known to even have some unexpected benefits. Some users of this supplement have discovered that they help in weight loss and also a boost for the memory. It is a product from a well-established company whose products have positive reviews from both doctors and users. If you would like to know how well do AddTabz work, read the customer reviews found below. This product works well to help in the problems it has designed for which are:
– Helps someone to be attentive. This is a very helpful thing especially to campus students who need to be attentive in their studies. It is also used by people working in busy offices and also business people whose job requires much attention.
– Increases and boosts body energy. Body energy increase is essential for working people since it helps to trigger the body to work in the required way. It is helpful to people who work with companies where manpower is required.
– Helps a person to focus. When someone uses this supplement, they are able to focus in what they are doing and thus this leads to a positive impact in their lives.
– Increase productivity. When this supplement is used, it increases body productivity in a positive way. This is a good review since its aspect is to help people cope with day to day issues.
– It also helps in concentration. When students are having exams or doing projects, they require much concentration in order to achieve their goals. This supplement is very essential since it helps boost the user’s concentration thus very useful to the consumers.
– Improve brain function. The supplement is known to increase the function of the brain. This is really helpful since its helps the users of the supplement to focus on their projects.

Side Effects

Though many people have very positive reviews about this supplement, a few complain about having negative side effects. Since this supplement have very powerful ingredients, users are advised to seek help from their doctors even if it is an over the counter drug. People with hypertension and other heart problems are however not allowed to use this product. Pregnant and lactating mothers are advised to seek help from the doctors before using this supplement because it can be harmful to the baby. The most common side effects associated with this product are:
1. This product can increase body pressure which leads to adding strain to the heart. This put the user at a very high risk since blood pressure and heart problems are some of the diseases that if not diagnosed early and the patient kept under medication, they can lead to complications leading to death.
2. This supplement also causes heart attacks, strokes, heart palpitations, nervousness, panic attacks, anxiety and stress. All these are negative side effects that lead to severe body complications if the patient is not well taken care of. To some people, these side effects appear after one dosage and to others they may appear after a prolonged usage of the supplement.


AddTabz supplement is produced from very powerful ingredients which are approved by the FDA. Some of the main ingredient used is the Ampheta-CDP. This was also designed by the Gentech laboratories and Pharmaceuticals as a product to enhance the mental capability. It is a well-researched product and having it in AddTabz means that the supplement’s users have something for their mental especially those suffering from mild ADHD.
Some of the ingredients used to combine Ampheta-CDP are:
(i) Dimethylethanolamine: Commonly known as DMAE. This is a central nervous system activator and stimulant. It is known to improve mind concentration, focus, energy, discipline and also it triggers a positive mood. It also stimulates lipolysis, thus breaks lipids into fatty acids. When used for a long time, It increases energy production in the body while it reduces the intake of energy at the same time.
(ii) Choline CDP: It is mostly known as Citicoline and is considered as a nootropic drug. It occurs naturally and is also soluble in water. It is a very investigated and researched substitute. It influences neurotransmitters which influence mood and also cognitive function of the body. It is also helps in metabolizing free cytidine together with choline.
(iii) Octopamine: This is occurs naturally. It activates the body’s beta-3 receptors which are part of the fat metabolism in the body. Thus, it helps the body with production of long lasting energy that can be used throughout the day.
(iv) 1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine: A synthetic form of Pharmaceutical caffeine. This drug main purpose is to help another drug to be more effective but it also helps in increasing body alertness.
With all these ingredients combined, they make Ampheta-CDP to be a very effective ingredient to use.
AddTabz is a supplement that works the same as Adderall and many other drugs to trigger the same body function. This article will compare it with Adderall and Adder Rx.

adderall alternative

Adderall Alternative

These two supplements are produced to work the same way. Of late people are looking for Adderall alternative since it is associated with many negative side effects in the body. Unlike the Adderall supplement, AddTabz does not require any prescription from a doctor thus gives the users an advantage of buying them at their desired time.
AddTabz doses contain natural ingredients that work in various ways to influence a person body and brain in a more healthy way. Unlike Adderall, the AddTabz supplement triggers only a few negative side effects but only when used in the wrong ways.

AddTabz versus AdderRx

Both of these products are over the counter alternatives to Adderall. AdderRx is a popular supplement among working class citizens and students that need to hold their focus for long periods of time. As AdderRx, AddTabz is having a growing interest and demand among people too due to its verified positive effects on focus and energy.

Customer Reviews

The best way to learn about how a product work is through the customer reviews. This product is already a popular supplement among campus students and also among people with blue collar jobs and other professionals. There are both positive and negative customers’ reviews. Here are the newest customer reviews that have been submitted:

I have problems paying attention and staying focused among other things. I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD. After trying many different prescriptions and some alternative medicines, a friend suggested trying AddTabz. He had seen it advertised on a website and explained to me that it was powerful like Adderall but didn’t have the same addictive qualities or side effects. When he said it didn’t require a prescription, I decided to buy some online. Since I began taking it, it has been very helpful in keeping my focus on things for longer periods of time. I’ve finished my first bottle and bought a couple new ones to save a bit of money. This is by far the best of all the over the counter options I have tried and I haven’t experienced any negative side effects. Anybody with problems focusing should at least give this a try.
– Keeley Figg

A colleague of mine had a bottle of AddTabz and gave me a pill to try after feeling exhausted from driving all day on a road trip. Not long after taking it I began feeling hot and sweaty and I had an increase in my heart rate. It gave me a kind of anxious feeling and we actually had to pull over a few times just so I could get up out of the car and walk around. I don’t have ADHD and I’m not very good at handling caffeine, which I found out is one of the main ingredients in this stuff. My friend takes AddTabz all the time and loves it, but it definitely isn’t for me. I haven’t tried it again since that one pill and I warn everybody that I can of my experience. Not everybody will have the same reaction.
– Paul Treehill

buy AddTabz

Where to Buy

If you want to purchase the AddTabz supplement, you can purchase over the counter. It is a supplement that is sold without a doctor’s prescription though it is recognized fully by FDA. It is found online from Gentech Pharmaceutical, but stores such as Walgreens and CVS don’t carry it. There is also a prescription version called AddTabz RX that is stronger and requires a prescription that you will need to visit a doctor to receive.
In some countries, it is rather difficult to find them in local stores and buying them in the company’s official website is the only alternative. Shipment prices however depend on the country they are shipped to. Some countries like Canada have limitation of the amount of drugs you can ship at a time and it strictly allows only 3 bottles per shipment.

Best Price

Depending on where you are buying them from and also from where you are, this supplement’s prices vary. There are some online vendors that will ship for free when you purchase with them while others charge the shipment price. Normally, in many stores, a 40 tablet bottle cost from $69 dollars and an 80 tablet bottle costs from $128. Many sellers give up to 21% discount when you purchase two bottles containing 80 tablets and up to 10% discount if you purchase one bottle.

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