Safer Alternative to Dextroamphetamine? (2014 Customer Addtabz Review)

best 2014 dextroamphetamine alternative A few weeks ago, I was diagnosed with ADHD, and my doctor prescribed some focus & attention medicines, lifestyle changes and behavioral therapy for me. All through my life, I have developed love for all-natural supplements, so I wasn’t comfortable when he asked me to use RX strength medicines for the diagnosis.

I have taken time to motivate myself into creating goals and new habits, and using visualization as a wide range of self-help methods to minimize distraction. This has really helped me in becoming more productive, yet I still find myself distracted and lacking the required focus that will assist me in gaining momentum and remaining faithful to these goals.

I spent time on the internet looking for a natural remedy or 2014 otc herbal alternative for Ritalin Daytrana and Vyvanse, and these were two of the products recommended by my doctor. I did deep research about it, and it seemed to be a great all-natural product, which is capable of maintaining my strength of focus according to some excellent message board posts and addtabz evaluations.

I have taken 5 doses spread out over some time now; I only took them when I wished to be productive. Although it might be a placebo or mental thing, I have seen that I have a little bit of oomph in finishing my writing and tasks. I have never experienced any side effect, and this is good, it shows that the supplement is milder than the prescribed pills that are used in treating adult adhd.

So far it has been a great experience using Addtabz and I will be purchasing them online again if these results keep up. I hope to keep using it, and I believe I will get in the habit so that will assist me in tackling the hyperactivity and attention without any sort of supplement or pill. I will continue to use this, and will try to remember to update my review / reports any time I find I’m changing my view, my experience changes to my productive lifestyle, I have a loss of effects, or side effects.

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